party : low-key new year’s eve

I can hardly believe that 3 weeks into 2014, I am FINALLY posting about New Year’s Eve! Unfortunately, I got a nasty virus right after Christmas and am finally over it (okay, minus the annoying dry cough).

That said, I thought having a New Year’s Eve get-together at our place would be crazy – we’re talking a few hundred square feet to celebrate in! But I was determined to have a party.



To keep it low-key, I did minimal decorating, invited a small group, provided a spiked punch and a few snacks and had people bring other bites & beverages if they wished. I’m so glad I planned it that way since I was pretty sick the day of the party!



I did manage to sprinkle some gold star confetti around (which we’re still finding), make a “2014” out of tinsel garland, string up some white Christmas lights & buy horns, poppers and sparklers for everyone.



We had a great time snacking, drinking Roland’s amazing Regents Punch, playing Jenga, shooting a Nerf gun, lighting sparklers and getting down to the likes of Junior Senior & Daft Punk (click the links to watch some hilarious, short videos on Instagram!).

If you have any hesitation about hosting a late-night fete in your small space, well – don’t! Ps, check out some of my other tips for entertaining in a small space.

Here’s to a happy (& healthy) 2014!

xo, S.


party : paul & marilyn’s 50th anniversary

We have been gone for quite awhile!  Amidst a death in the family, a broken computer and general busyness, it’s finally time to share some photos with you from our most recent party!  We recently had the privilege of styling a 50th anniversary party for a sweet couple named Paul & Marilyn.  It was so much fun!  The party was hosted in one of their daughter’s backyards.  Here’s a little glimpse into the event . . .


IMG_7726The colors used were turquoise, red, pink, and gold glitter.  Signage was used to direct guests to the backyard where the party was being held.  Stripes were a big part of the decor and led the way in!



We used crepe paper streamers to brighten up the surrounding area and give the party a cohesive look.



We made a giant “50” that was placed at the center of the party.  It turned out to be a great photo op!


Each table had a centerpiece that highlighted different milestones from their relationship.  We made turquoise flower boxes,  added gold ribbon, and created tiny banners to display the different milestones. The flowers used were hydrangeas, dahlias, and yarrow.



At the cake table, we created a board that had all the different milestones together and various photographs for guests to look at.






Guests enjoyed Italian food served on the deck.  A banner for Paul & Marilyn flew overhead.  Overall, it was a great success!


xo, R.