make : homemade felt stockings


Since this is my first Christmas as a married lady, I had to make stockings for Roland & myself. Rachel and I got some lessons from our mom, and here are the results!


Felt stocking are pretty simple and so fun to personalize. Here are the basic steps.

1. Cut out two pieces of red felt in the stocking shape, and two pieces of white felt for the rim. Make sure the white felt completely covers the edges of the red felt.

2. Embroider the name. We used a twisted chain stitch for this part. First we used a chalky pink pencil to lightly make guide lines, and then stitched away! This part took the longest.


3. Next, we cut out felt shapes for the stocking and sewed them onto one of the red pieces of felt (under where the white rim would be) using a simple in-n-out stitch.


4. Finally, we pinned the stockings together and sewed them up with a machine!


I’m so excited to fill them with goodies!

Merry Christmas!

xo, S.


make: homemade twig wreath

First of all, HELLO!

We’ve been so absent in this season of life, but we have not forgotten you. I’m so happy to be posting again amidst all the Christmas craziness & my brand-new baby niece (that’s right – Rachel had her baby girl!).


I’ve been wanting to make my own wreath for a while, and putting together this blog post for work just added more fuel to my fire. I had a lot of fun making my twig wreath, even if it’s *ahem* a beginner’s wreath.

No, seriously.

I started by buying 14 gauge wire at my local hardware store & gathering twigs up at Joaquin Miller Park. I wanted my wreath to be literally made in & from Oakland. Because I wanted a spare look, I made my own single-wire wreath form so I could easily conceal the form.



For the base, I used floral wire to attach the first round of twigs. After that, I use wire for the next layer or so, then I switched over to hot glue. I also attached the pine cones from Michael’s with floral wire.


Finally, I topped it with a navy ribbon for Thanksgiving time…


and a white, red and green ribbon for Christmas!


Please note: if you notice less sticks in the Christmas version, you’re not crazy. We had a huge windstorm, and the wreath underwent some serious damage!

Making a wreath was much easier than I expected, and I’m excited about getting better & making an even more ornate one.

xo, S.

make : baby name board

Hi! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  James & I have been crazily running around doing things for baby, house, and life in general for the last few months!  Last weekend we had so much fun making a little something for Della’s room and I wanted to share how we did it here!


Her nursery is loosely nautical themed (more photos to come later, don’t worry!) and I wanted to incorporate her name somehow, so I came up with the idea using rope and it was so simple to put together!  Here’s how we did it :


We purchased a very smooth piece of plywood from Lowe’s and I mapped out generally how large the board would be.


After making sure our lines were straight, we cut it to size using a scroll saw.  I learned a neat trick from James to use tape over your cut lines to make a clean cut.  Otherwise the plywood edges would be jagged and not look so nice!


After the board was cut, we sanded the edges down so they were finished and smooth.  I forgot to take photos of the rope process because I was busy applying it!  We purchased the rope from Lowe’s and I used a hot glue gun to apply it.  It worked like a charm!


James made a simple knot around the frame to tie up the loose ends.  I think it turned out nicely!



Applying the rope was such a fun, easy DIY project that you could do to a myriad of things.  Stay tuned for more from Della’s room!

xo, R.

make : tissue pom present topper

I’m sure we’ve all been to a party decked out in tissue poms – we’ve even thrown a few ourselves! Recently, I was wrapping a baby shower present & decided to use tissue to make a whimsical present topper.

The first few steps for a present topper are identical to the first few steps of making a tissue pom.

1. Layer the tissue

2. Fold it with a 1-1 1/2-inch accordian fold


3. Secure it in the center with wire or string

4. Make a rounded or pointed cut on each end to create shape


5. Fan out the accordian and make a cut down the center of each side to make the pom more full (& easier to open)

For the present topper, I just pulled all the tissue sections up (rather than pulling the top sections up and the bottom sections down to make a sphere), so that the pom would be flat on top of the present.


And voila! what an easy way to add some pizzazz to a present!

xo, S.

make : DIY chalkboard signs!

As Sarah mentioned yesterday, I’m going to share some of the chalkboard art I made for her wedding with you!  It’s so easy – you can do it too!


The key to making chalkboard art is CHALK PENS.  They are amazing and give you so much more control than regular chalk.  You can find them online or at your locals arts & crafts store.



All you have to do is give the pens a good shake, depress the tip to get the chalk “ink” flowing and begin your design.  The materials I worked with included painted windows, painted wood pieces, painted door skins (thin, smooth pieces of wood), and black poster-board.  You can find chalkboard paint at most hardware stores and it’s very easy and forgiving to work with!



If you make a mistake (trust me, I made many of those!), don’t worry – all you need is a wet rag or towel to wipe away the pen.  Try to do it right when it happens because the longer the chalk sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove.  It can always be removed though, it just may need a few wipes as opposed to one.


This was a favorite quote of the bride and groom and a replica of one of Dana Tanamachi’s designs – she is an amazing chalk letterer!


I love seeing all of these chalk pieces together!  It was a lot of work, but so much fun and I really enjoyed tying them all together with subtle design details.  Hope you enjoy them as well and feel inspired and empowered to go make your own chalk art!



make : pantry jars

Before we dive into this post, thank you for waiting for us! Back in October, we accidentally lost all our content (by “we”, I mean ME), and then were swamped in the best way with preparations for my wedding!

We decided to wait until after the wedding and Rachel’s big vacation (I’m sure you’ll be reading about that soon!) to start updating the blog again (and this time, we’re totally going to back it up, so we never lose it again!).

We’re more excited than ever to be bringing you inspiring content every week – we hope you love it!

xo, R & S.

I recently moved into my newlywed nest. Now that the major unpacking and rearranging of furniture is done, I am working on the details and organization.

Roland & I love that we can buy dry goods in bulk from our local grocery stores, but all the bags in the pantry were becoming quite a mess! I found a case of quart-size canning jars at Pete’s Hardware to help contain our nuts & grains!

Originally, I was just going to organize the dry goods in the jars, but I had some leftover chalkboard paint from my wedding (which I’ll be blogging about soon!), so I decided to make labels for the jars that could be easily erased as the contents change.



Here’s the finished product!

Painting on glass takes some patience. I used blue to tape to mark off the rectangle and did 3 coats. Don’t try to glob it all on, or you’ll get drips. I also used a razor blade to clean up any little smudges.


I’m so much happier when I look in my pantry, and even more inspired to use the dry goods since I know exactly what I have. I hope this is the first of many organizational projects in my new nest!

xo, S.

make : fabric flowers

Our friend, Nikki is getting married really soon! She wanted some help making these adorable fabric flowers, so House of Colour rolled up our sleeves to pitch in.

We used fabric squares, patterned paper (for the leaves), wire, floral tape, and pinking shears to create the white flower arrangement for the sweetheart table.

We also made orange and pink arrangements for the tables – what a lovely & cost-effective way to brighten up a wedding!

xo, S.

make : creative space


When we first moved into our home, my husband laid claim to the garage as his “man-cave”. So, naturally, I decided to take over the spare bedroom and turn it into a creative space. After Dinner for Good, I had lots of mason jars leftover and while I occasionally will use one as a vase or to hold some homemade granola, I had more than enough for those purposes!


As you can imagine, they made their way into my crafty room and began to hold everything from buttons, markers, pencils, clothespins, thread and more. I really love the way they look atop my dresser (which holds even more crafty things . . paper, labels, ribbons, you get the idea!).



And all the colours are really fun with my Wayne Thiebaud print!

I’m instantly in the mood to create something colourful!

xo, R.

make : dried herbs

The lovely moderate weather has been so kind to my herb garden! To get the most out of it & to promote more growth, I snipped off some leaves last week to dry and use later.

Drying herbs is super-easy. I put my leaves into an old strawberry basket and leave them on my windowsill to dry in the sun. If you leave herbs outside, they can get morning dew on them and mold.

I leave mine on the stems, and when they’re totally dry, I crumble the leaves into these sweet spice jars that I received from Cortney of Petal and Posie Cakes.

Don’t herbs make you want to cook more?

xo, S.