life : the secret to happiness


Life just keeps changing here at House of Colour.

You may have noticed that we post less… a lot less. Both Rachel and I are in new seasons of life, and while we still love the blog and are going to keep it alive, it’s just not feasible to post as much as we used to. With Rachel’s new baby and my new job (woohoo!), we’ve put the business side of House of Colour aside indefinitely.

We still love styling for fun (hello, Easter soiree!), but it’s now more of a hobby and a yes-I’ll-help-my-friend-out basis. I just wanted to officially write that fact down and explain our absence.

All that said, I love having the blog as a creative outlet, even though I have a lot less time. And it motivates me to be more creative in my day-today life as I think up projects or recipes I want to try. So the blog lives on; our posts will just continue to be occasional.

Without further ado…

One reason I wrote the above preamble is to set the scene for a different kind of post. One that’s more personal.

When I think of my favorite blogs — DesignLoveFest, A Cup of Jo, Style by Emily Henderson — I realize that I love them for their mixture of great design/ideas + personal/real life shit.

So we’re introducing a new category to our blog: life. This is a place for us to think about our lives as they continue to change and connect with our readers on a more personal level.


A few weeks ago, Rachel and I were talking about happiness. How it seems so simple to us, yet so many people are so unhappy! Don’t get me wrong: we’ve both had it easy compared to people all over the world. But so have many of our friends.

We got to talking about being happy with what you have. It sounds so simple that you probably just skipped right over that sentence. But do you practice it? I mean, really practice it??


When I first moved into my apartment, I thought it was so small & ugly. I’ve worked hard at it, trying to make the best of the place I have, and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else (even though it’s still small & ugly).

I’m not claiming to be great at it, but my definition of happiness has changed radically throughout the years. Through a lot of reflection, I’ve discovered many simple things that bring me great enjoyment in my life. My job is to 1) realize what these things are & 2) make an effort to be aware of/surround myself with these things.


I’ve always loved the idea of being a florist. I’m not particularly great at arranging flowers, but I absolutely love them! Because of this, I’ve been trying to make flowers a regular fixture in my home.


 poppies from my balcony garden, peonies & roses from my Gramma’s garden, mums from TJ’s


 And even though I’m not great at arranging flowers, I’ve been trying to do more things that I’m NOT good at but that I enjoy! For Mother’s Day, I put together small bouquets made of mums & stock from TJ’s and tied with a silky pink ribbon.




I had such a great time putting them together, and it reminded me how important it is to do things I don’t feel confident/competent in. Have I mentioned that I’ve been watercoloring lately?

So I challenge you to think about something simple that makes you happy, and just do it!

xo, S.