party : low-key new year’s eve

I can hardly believe that 3 weeks into 2014, I am FINALLY posting about New Year’s Eve! Unfortunately, I got a nasty virus right after Christmas and am finally over it (okay, minus the annoying dry cough).

That said, I thought having a New Year’s Eve get-together at our place would be crazy – we’re talking a few hundred square feet to celebrate in! But I was determined to have a party.



To keep it low-key, I did minimal decorating, invited a small group, provided a spiked punch and a few snacks and had people bring other bites & beverages if they wished. I’m so glad I planned it that way since I was pretty sick the day of the party!



I did manage to sprinkle some gold star confetti around (which we’re still finding), make a “2014” out of tinsel garland, string up some white Christmas lights & buy horns, poppers and sparklers for everyone.



We had a great time snacking, drinking Roland’s amazing Regents Punch, playing Jenga, shooting a Nerf gun, lighting sparklers and getting down to the likes of Junior Senior & Daft Punk (click the links to watch some hilarious, short videos on Instagram!).

If you have any hesitation about hosting a late-night fete in your small space, well – don’t! Ps, check out some of my other tips for entertaining in a small space.

Here’s to a happy (& healthy) 2014!

xo, S.