make : baby name board

Hi! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  James & I have been crazily running around doing things for baby, house, and life in general for the last few months!  Last weekend we had so much fun making a little something for Della’s room and I wanted to share how we did it here!


Her nursery is loosely nautical themed (more photos to come later, don’t worry!) and I wanted to incorporate her name somehow, so I came up with the idea using rope and it was so simple to put together!  Here’s how we did it :


We purchased a very smooth piece of plywood from Lowe’s and I mapped out generally how large the board would be.


After making sure our lines were straight, we cut it to size using a scroll saw.  I learned a neat trick from James to use tape over your cut lines to make a clean cut.  Otherwise the plywood edges would be jagged and not look so nice!


After the board was cut, we sanded the edges down so they were finished and smooth.  I forgot to take photos of the rope process because I was busy applying it!  We purchased the rope from Lowe’s and I used a hot glue gun to apply it.  It worked like a charm!


James made a simple knot around the frame to tie up the loose ends.  I think it turned out nicely!



Applying the rope was such a fun, easy DIY project that you could do to a myriad of things.  Stay tuned for more from Della’s room!

xo, R.


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