party : wively wisdom brunch

Hey there, wonderful people! We’ve been pretty quiet in the blog world lately because we’ve been so busy with all manner of soiree! We’re gearing up for two big parties this summer, which means a lot more time priming, painting & building!

Last weekend, I planned and styled a party for my friend, Christina, who is getting married this month. It was a lovely time of brunching and sharing what wisdom we’ve gained as wives.

The wooden stumps went really well with our wise owl theme!

A triangle garland was a must for this special lady – it’s one of her favorite shapes!!

It was an awesome time!

xo, S.


eat & drink : jicama, avacado, radish & orange salad with cilantro

I love summer because it’s when we grow our vegetable garden.  This year Sarah helped me start my plants from seeds, as opposed to just buying plants, and it was so fun!  Some of the things I planted include golden beets, french beans, baby carrots, butternut squash, pumpkins, peppers, sugar snaps, & much more.  I also sowed radish seeds right in the ground and they were the first to produce!  They have the most delicious sweet and spicy flavor.


We’ve probably already picked more than thirty and still have lots of little ones waiting to mature.  My friend suggested cutting them into thin slices and sautéeing them in butter as a yummy snack.  I also made this delicious salad I wanted to share with you today.  It’s so fresh, absolutely delicious and the best part?  Healthy!

IMG_7680I halved this recipe, except for the avocado (because who doesn’t love extra avocado?).   I also couldn’t find whole cumin seeds at my grocery store so I used 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin seed and 1/2 teaspoon ground garlic powder to make the vinaigrette.  I seriously could eat this salad all the time.. it’s that good!  I hope you try it for yourself! Happy cooking!

xo, R.