home & garden : newlywed nest (part 2)

I’m excited to share the rest of my newlywed nest with you today – just like part 1, part 2 is a work in progress!


Here is our little dining area, right off the living room. The biggest drawback of our place is the TEENY-TINY kitchen, so we’ve gotten pretty creative about storing our most beautiful things on open shelving units.




I just love that kitchen cart! Putting boards on top of our storage units has given us tons more workspace – for two passionate cooks, that was a must!

Besides the awful wood paneling, the kitchen cabinets were my second least favorite thing. We got a firm “no” about painting them white, so we decided to take the doors off to create a lighter look.




Roland wanted to be able to easily access all his beverage equipment, including his lovely collection of glassware!

Luckily, the tiny kitchen opens onto a tiny balcony – I love keeping the door open, so the space feels so much bigger!



And onto the bedroom…




Recognize these diagrams? We used them in our wedding!



We absolutely love our gravity bike stand from Public – keeping our precious bikes safe & sound indoors was really important to us.



There’s that awful paneling again! If we end up staying for a while, I have some ideas up my sleeve for dealing with it, but for now, our oceanography map must suffice!

Okay, my third least favorite thing about our place was the gnarly wrought-iron bars over the window (thank you, Oakland!). While we definitely couldn’t remove them, I used sheers to soften them up & put some pothos cuttings in glass jars on the sill.


That’s all, folks! Thanks for bearing with this work-in-progress – excited to share updates with you as we work on our newlywed nest!

xo, S.

Ps, Where I Got My Furnishings:

  • kitchen chairs – IKEA, in-laws, dumpster (seriously!)
  • kitchen table & cart – street scores
  • tall kitchen storage unit – yard sale
  • bistro chair – IKEA
  • dresser – hand-me-down from family friend
  • bookshelf – hand-me-down from parents
  • bike stand – Public
  • bed frame – hand-me-down from sister
  • lamp & nightstand – IKEA
  • sheers – JC Penney Home


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