eat & drink : lemony chicken and orzo soup

Recently, I bought a copy of Bon Appetit at the grocery store; even though I check their website almost daily, it’s so much more inspiring to flip through a magazine hunting for a recipe!



This soup was deeee-lish, and pretty easy, too!

I’m not known for being a precise cook, but since there are only 2 of us, I often find my self halving recipes. In these cases, a digital kitchen scale is a must. Using the scale used to intimidate me, especially finding the tare weight of the container I was measuring in. But it’s really so simple.


All you have to do is turn the scale on, let it set to zero…


Add whatever you’re using to contain the food…


On this digital scale, you just have to press the button on the left, and the scale with deduct the weight of the container, so you know exactly how much food to use!


And voila! here is the finished soup (with barley instead of orzo)! The bright lemon & dill made it wonderful for a spring evening meal.

xo, S.


One thought on “eat & drink : lemony chicken and orzo soup

  1. Mmm the barley version was yummy too!

    My kitchen scale works so that you can set the plate/bowl onto the scale, then turn it on, and it’ll automatically set it to zero so there’s no deduction needed! Kitchen scales are so helpful!

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