home & garden : newlywed nest (part 1)


I’m so excited to share some photos of my in-process apartment! I debated waiting until it was ‘more finished’, but that’s the point, right? A home is a continual work in progress!

Roland and I are very lucky to live in a sweet (ie, 650 SF) apartment near Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. We sacrificed space for safety (and killer bars & restaurants!), and we love it!







I’m really happy with how our living space has proceeded. It seemed crazy to have the desk in the living room at first, but we couldn’t fit it through the bedroom door, so I just worked to make it coordinate with the other furniture.






Eek, that brown thing. I almost didn’t post this, because it’s SO ugly. We were going to trash it, but then it fit perfectly. I have great plans of painting it and doing something to cover up the awful wood paneling above it.

Stay tuned for part 2!

xo, S.

Ps, Where I Got My Furnishings:

  • Framed art – by family & friends
  • Vintage loveseat & side table – grandma
  • Cocktail glass cabinet – handmade by friend (Studio Black)
  • Yellow lamp – friend
  • Record player – Crosley
  • Other lamps & white bookshelf – IKEA
  • Coffee table & coat rack – in-laws
  • Green pedestal bowl – antique store
  • Globe – aunt
  • Typewriter – Amazon
  • Roll-top desk – Out of the Closet
  • Orange desk chair – Thrift Town
  • Burgundy chair – Urban Ore
  • Vintage scale – yard sale
  • Brown storage piece – street score


7 thoughts on “home & garden : newlywed nest (part 1)

  1. May I say thank you for including the ‘ugly’ with all the adorable? I appreciate the reality of that. We all have ‘brown things’ in our homes and lives. Embrace!! And cute nest, lovebirds!

    • Of course! The master plan is to reduce ugliness until it’s minimal. Some things – like the cabinet treatments & carpet – we’re stuck with, but we’ll do our best with the rest!

  2. It makes me very happy to see 5 touches from the House of Black . . . It just reminds me how intertwined friendship can be. Like that bottle of grenadine I kept in my fridge because it was Roland’s and he “might need it!”

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