things we love : daytrips

The last few months have been pretty crazy for me, so Roland and I decided to take a daytrip in the middle of the week. Rachel suggested Saint Helena in Napa Valley – it’s a bit quieter than Napa and Sonoma, so we plotted out an adventure!

Saint Helena is a little over an hour from Oakland, so we stopped at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa.

Then we did two tastings – one at Whitehall Lane and one at Cuvaison. Both were really enjoyable, and we had each place to ourselves, so we both got to learn a lot!

We had a late, super-indulgent lunch at Goose & Gander in Saint Helena. This place was awesome as you can see!

No daytrip is complete without a little detour into the Big City across the Bay. We went to Ocean Beach where we had our first date and where we got engaged, then grabbed some coffee at Four Barrel before heading home.

I definitely recommend Saint Helena if you’re in the Bay Area, but wherever you are, treat yourself to some time off to relax!

xo, S.


One thought on “things we love : daytrips

  1. Sarah…..Your Day Trip with Roland was like a “Sunset Magazine” tour. You and Rachel know where, what and how! Just sign me up for your next tour.

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