things we love : inventive wallpaper

I always love it when the Anthropologie catalog arrives in my mailbox, but this time, I was especially impressed with the storytelling and the styling throughout the spring issue.

Especially eye-catching was this inventive seafoam and pink backdrop that looks to be made of graph paper!

It got me thinking about inventive ways of wall papering, especially if you’re a renter & need to figure out a temporary, removable solution. I’ve got some cabinets & walls in my apartment that are serious eyesores. Here are 3 cool ideas I found that can transform the look of a wall without upsetting your landlord.

1. Super-awesome & imaginative temporary wallpapers by Grow House Grow.


2. Makeshift wallpaper made from photo prints by A Beautiful Mess.


3. Sweet wall decal by Surface Collective.


I’m still not sure how I’m going to deal with my eyesore, but now I have some inspiration. I’m sure you’ll see the project I end up choosing!

xo, S.

Ps, a bonus video on using temporary wallpaper from Grow House Grow – awesome tip!


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