make : pantry jars

Before we dive into this post, thank you for waiting for us! Back in October, we accidentally lost all our content (by “we”, I mean ME), and then were swamped in the best way with preparations for my wedding!

We decided to wait until after the wedding and Rachel’s big vacation (I’m sure you’ll be reading about that soon!) to start updating the blog again (and this time, we’re totally going to back it up, so we never lose it again!).

We’re more excited than ever to be bringing you inspiring content every week – we hope you love it!

xo, R & S.

I recently moved into my newlywed nest. Now that the major unpacking and rearranging of furniture is done, I am working on the details and organization.

Roland & I love that we can buy dry goods in bulk from our local grocery stores, but all the bags in the pantry were becoming quite a mess! I found a case of quart-size canning jars at Pete’s Hardware to help contain our nuts & grains!

Originally, I was just going to organize the dry goods in the jars, but I had some leftover chalkboard paint from my wedding (which I’ll be blogging about soon!), so I decided to make labels for the jars that could be easily erased as the contents change.



Here’s the finished product!

Painting on glass takes some patience. I used blue to tape to mark off the rectangle and did 3 coats. Don’t try to glob it all on, or you’ll get drips. I also used a razor blade to clean up any little smudges.


I’m so much happier when I look in my pantry, and even more inspired to use the dry goods since I know exactly what I have. I hope this is the first of many organizational projects in my new nest!

xo, S.


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