nest : diy dotty walls


Okay . .  so, our bedroom is still a work in progress. I originally thought I wanted to keep the light blue and white walls colours and incorporate some pops of cherry red, but then I found this rug and EVERYTHING changed!

We already had slate grey bedding, so this rug was perfect!  Off to the paint store I went to find the perfect pale grey colour for the walls (yes, repainting again!).  Then, I saw this pin and thought . . this would look so cute with citron-coloured polka dots!


Thus, began my project of DIY dotty walls!  I used a fingerling potato cut in half for the circle (it wasn’t a perfect circle, so if you want it to be precise then use a cookie cutter to cut a shape out of a larger potato, such as russet). I applied the polka dots just on one wall where the head of our bed is because I didn’t want it to feel overwhelming and act as more of a focal point.


It’s not a perfect method and I did experience some drips, but I kept my eye on them and wiped them with a paper towel (if any drips occur and are allowed to dry, you will need to lightly sand them away before continuing with painting).  When everything was dry, I used a paintbrush to touch up the grey paint.  I wanted the polka dots to have two coats, so I used a Q-tip to fill in any spot that didn’t look quite finished.  This worked very well.


It was fun last night to look up and see a wall of polka dots behind me, but I still enjoy having the clean walls surround me. I now have three patterns (chevron, polka dots, and stripes) and I’m hoping to incorporate maybe one or two more before I’m finished in this space.

Hope you enjoy!

xo, R.


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