party : bee housewarming party


Yesterday’s party was a blast!  We had the honor of helping our grandma throw a housewarming at her new nest.  It was loads of fun to decorate!  Below are some photos from the bee-themed event!



As you arrived, you were greeted by a sweet hand-illustrated chalkboard and the sounds of some of the best big-band leaders, like Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller.



The colors were white, yellow and turqoise.  We made simple arrangements of billy buttons in tall vases that were wrapped in chicken wire to resemble honeycomb.  Ribbons around the vases were made from spools of old clothing labels that came from our grandparent’s clothing store, The Colony.  We wanted to incorporate elements from The Colony to go with our theme, since it has been a big part of our family.




A classic paper chain bedecked the outdoor patio, while a wall of tissue paper poufs adorned the inside.


IMG_6479 IMG_6472

The original sign from the clothing store served as a backdrop to the buffet.

IMG_6462 IMG_6458

Honeycomb from Berkeley Bowl and honey sticks from the San Leandro Farmer’s Market.

We thought it turned out pretty sweet!  Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming wedding we are styling!

xo, R.


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