party : M&M wedding


This weekend, we styled our first wedding at a historic firehouse (known as Firehouse 8) in San Francisco for friends Meg & Max.


The building was a beautiful setting to work with – tall white walls with touches of brick and a room divider made of glass windows. Since Meg is a writer, we wanted to infuse the day with literary touches. We also used glass and gold throughout the wedding to add sophistication.  The feeling we wanted to convey was that of effortlessness and class.  We hope you enjoy the photographs (click on any photo to enlarge it).  It was truly special!



Two museum cases near the entrance were filled with gold-painted books. Boards sat atop and held vintage book pages with gold thumbtacks.







We handpainted this board with lines from an E. E. Cummings poem.  It reads . .  anywhere I go you go my dear, I fear no fate for you are my fate my sweet, I want no world for beautiful you are my world my true.




We dipped some of our glass vessels in gold and others were a beautiful blue colour.  Sets of three sat on top of book page placemats we made to create simple, but elegant centerpieces.



A canopy we constructed using various sheer fabrics and twinkle lights. This is where the bride & groom wed!


We wish you all the best!

xo, R&S.


party : eating made easy

what you need

We’ve all been there . . at a party, juggling our cup and utensils while trying to fill up our plate with food . . and we always inevitably have to go back for that napkin! But something that can make things easier on your guests is bundling up cutlery in napkins, so they can just grab a set and go enjoy the delicious food you’ve made.





You can use anything your heart desires to bundle these – ribbon, hemp, anything really! We just have a love affair with baker’s twine and find it to be our go-to!


xo, R.

nest : diy dotty walls


Okay . .  so, our bedroom is still a work in progress. I originally thought I wanted to keep the light blue and white walls colours and incorporate some pops of cherry red, but then I found this rug and EVERYTHING changed!

We already had slate grey bedding, so this rug was perfect!  Off to the paint store I went to find the perfect pale grey colour for the walls (yes, repainting again!).  Then, I saw this pin and thought . . this would look so cute with citron-coloured polka dots!


Thus, began my project of DIY dotty walls!  I used a fingerling potato cut in half for the circle (it wasn’t a perfect circle, so if you want it to be precise then use a cookie cutter to cut a shape out of a larger potato, such as russet). I applied the polka dots just on one wall where the head of our bed is because I didn’t want it to feel overwhelming and act as more of a focal point.


It’s not a perfect method and I did experience some drips, but I kept my eye on them and wiped them with a paper towel (if any drips occur and are allowed to dry, you will need to lightly sand them away before continuing with painting).  When everything was dry, I used a paintbrush to touch up the grey paint.  I wanted the polka dots to have two coats, so I used a Q-tip to fill in any spot that didn’t look quite finished.  This worked very well.


It was fun last night to look up and see a wall of polka dots behind me, but I still enjoy having the clean walls surround me. I now have three patterns (chevron, polka dots, and stripes) and I’m hoping to incorporate maybe one or two more before I’m finished in this space.

Hope you enjoy!

xo, R.

eat & drink : pear pastry purses

A while ago, I got together with my dear friend, Cortney, of Petal and Posie Cakes to do a baking project! She’s a real whiz with baked goods, and it was super fun to learn about making pastries as well as learning some SLR basics.

One thing we learned is that you should read the WHOLE recipe before starting. We didn’t realize that we had to cook the pears, make the filling, and make the dough separately AND that there would be so many hours of chilling.

The whole project took us two days, but it was so worth it!

They were delicious.

xo, S.

party : bee housewarming party


Yesterday’s party was a blast!  We had the honor of helping our grandma throw a housewarming at her new nest.  It was loads of fun to decorate!  Below are some photos from the bee-themed event!



As you arrived, you were greeted by a sweet hand-illustrated chalkboard and the sounds of some of the best big-band leaders, like Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller.



The colors were white, yellow and turqoise.  We made simple arrangements of billy buttons in tall vases that were wrapped in chicken wire to resemble honeycomb.  Ribbons around the vases were made from spools of old clothing labels that came from our grandparent’s clothing store, The Colony.  We wanted to incorporate elements from The Colony to go with our theme, since it has been a big part of our family.




A classic paper chain bedecked the outdoor patio, while a wall of tissue paper poufs adorned the inside.


IMG_6479 IMG_6472

The original sign from the clothing store served as a backdrop to the buffet.

IMG_6462 IMG_6458

Honeycomb from Berkeley Bowl and honey sticks from the San Leandro Farmer’s Market.

We thought it turned out pretty sweet!  Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming wedding we are styling!

xo, R.