home & garden : staining brick

When we purchased our first home last year, we knew we were buying a house full of potential, much-needed upgrades and DIY-projects . . not a ready-made abode.  We have done a good amount of things to it in the past year, but still have far to go. It’s a process, but the transformation is SO worth it!

One of the biggest eyesores we found living in our house was this fireplace that was added in the 1980′s. Honestly, who thought that a used-brick fireplace was a good idea?


Anyway, I avoided looking at it for nearly a year, not wanting to paint it white, but not knowing what to do! Once I stumbled upon Anna Moseley’s tutorial on staining brick, I found my answer! Isn’t the transformation amazing?


I’ve included a link to this tutorial up above, but a few personal notes from me if you’d like to try this yourself :

-I used Behr’s Concrete Stain in the color Loden, available at Home Depot

-Anna’s tutorial recommends using a roller, but for me this was much too messy . . the stain is a VERY thin liquid and it was just too difficult for me to not make a giant mess this way and completely ruin my grout.  I simply used a paintbrush the same width as the bricks and hand-stained each one.  A little bit more tedious and time-consuming? Yes. But definitely worth it!

-My fireplace was in pretty bad shape, but I did it over the course of three days and it took about three coats total! Voila!

(PS. I plan on replacing the old fireplace insert with a modern fireplace cover and staggering some white shelves at varying heights on the fireplace as opposed to the typical mantel. More photos later!)

xo, R.


3 thoughts on “home & garden : staining brick

    • Hey Anna!

      We (that would be I) accidentally deleted our blog, and we’re working to get all the content – photos included – back up! We should have the photos up this week. : )



  1. To remove a rust stain, you have to use an acid based liquid on the concrete surface to pull the stain out.
    This is an inexpensive task that can be done in a weekend, and it will give
    your home a fresh, new feel. Testing in a small piece of
    area is always recommended prior to doing large-scale work.

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