home & garden : door story

We have a skinny closet in our living room right by our front door that houses our coats, shoes, and a bunch of games like Scrabble, Lie Detector, Monopoly, & Jenga.  Since we go in & out of here several times a day to get shoes out & put shoes away, I thought it might be fun to do something special to this door.

Awhile back I purchased this “book” called Stencil 101 Decor and have been waiting to find the perfect space to stencil.  So.. you guessed it – I stenciled the door!  It turned out great and is an easy DIY for anyone to do.


I used a “quatrefoil” style stencil and an alphabet letter as an accent.  Also, I did not want the door to be a focal point, but rather a special detail, so the paint I used was the same flat paint I used on the surrounding walls.  It’s best to use something like a foam brush (I used a make-up sponge) and to do several coats, as opposed to one thick coat.  Check it out!

xo, R.


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