eat & drink : roast chicken

Chicken is my favorite of fowls, and I absolutely love a good roast chicken. Here’s my take on this herbed roast chicken recipe.

Remove the giblets and give your bird a rinse. Pat her dry with a towel.

Rub the chicken with olive oil, then salt and pepper the outside.

The key to a great roast chicken is filling the cavity with delicious savories. I picked some fresh herbs [oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary are all great with chicken], threw in some garlic cloves, and a bit of citrus [lemon or orange].

You can bind the legs up to keep in moisture, and then bake [I did mine in a cast iron skillet] for 45 minutes to an hour at 450 degrees.

If you have a meat thermometer, the chicken is done when it reads 165 degrees. Otherwise, you can check to see that the leg is loose, or even cut into one of the breasts to see if the meat is done to your liking.

Bon appetit!

xo, S.


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